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by Noble admin

Noble Readers is a Library of Life for every levels of scholars to gain knowledge about Buddhism, Absolute truth, Meditation, Psychology, Application for life, Research & Disaster management.

Our team always committed to keep accuracy and impartiality of our contents. Meditation and Inspiration publications don’t always consider the different human viewpoints. We try to see the reality with common biases and entrenched narratives to uncover the truth of the Meditation and Inspiration through Buddhism as possible.

Who We are

Since the starting of 2022, noblereaders.com is a privately-owned digital publisher with no external donors, political interests, or third-party commercial initiatives. With a commitment to justice and a desire to provide independent material, editorial freedom is a pillar of our identity. 


In an age of widespread misinformation, publishers must prioritize accuracy. At noblereaders.com, we check facts at every step of the way, from the small group of carefully screened authors we hire to the reliable sources they use and quote to the many rounds of editing each piece goes through before it is published.

Therefore, true accuracy goes beyond fact-checking. Therefore, we frame information with suitable language and context. We want our readers to discover the truth and realize the underlying reality.


After the original date and time of publication, noblereaders.com may update posts with new information, changes, news updates, and better photos and videos.

Depending on what the post needs, updates can be minor or major. Updated posts will have a new time stamp next to the original published date.

Updates are welcome at: noblereaderslibrary@gmail.com.

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