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Definition of Personality, and Perfect Personality in the Buddhist Philosophy

Perfect Personality

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Introduction to the Personality in the Buddhist Philosophy

The Buddhist Philosophy is described about personality and this life, after life and nirvana are factors that are considered. Therefore, it is said that personality is developed due to the development of the person in Buddhism.

There is a good example of the victories of the Load Buddha. All Buddhist Teaching are based on personality development.

Definition of Personality, and Perfect Personality in the Buddhist Philosophy
Personal Development | Source: One Education

The Personality Development in Buddhism

  • Physical development
  • Mental development
  • Spiritual development

These three sections should be developed as the perfect personality. Therefore, the perfect personality is belonging to the Load Buddha due to achieved perfect level of mentioned above sections. There are three levels of personality in the Buddhism and those are :

  • Puthujjana (A common world-ling)
  • Sekha (One who is in the course of perfection)
  • Asekha (An Arahant)

The Perfect Personality of the Load Buddha

Talk about the personality in modern psychology. But that personality is relatively redeemed. But Buddhism is inspired of the perfect personality. It’s called THE SAMMA BUDDHA.

Definition of Personality, and Perfect Personality in the Buddhist Philosophy
Life of the Load Buddha | Source: Youtube

Vyagghapajja Sutta of Angutthara Nikaya have been shown to improve the world and the Hereafter. In the Great Sachchaka Sutta, the Buddha had come to the perfect personality and taught how the personality was enhanced. The Buddha personality or the perfect personality will be divided into four:


In talking about the apearance of the Buddha, we should talk about the thirty two amount of characteristics of the Great.  The Likkhana Sutta of Dighanikaya, Brahmayu Sutta of Majjima Nikaya, and Sela Sutta of Sutta Nipata also express it. Other than that eighty sub great characteristics were had to the Load Buddha.

The Voice Style

  • The Buddha is existent with Brahma vowels and it is having eight inherent qualities.
    • The characteristic of exit from the mouth easily
    • The characteristics of easy understanding
    • Sweetness
    • Good to hear
    •  There is no connection between the words
    • Clarity of words
    • The characteristic of preaching so that only the relevant group can hear it

Wisdom Style (Extreme Knowledge)

Lord Buddha’s quality is infinite. Because of this infinite wisdom, the personality of the Load Buddha is perfected.

Definition of Personality, and Perfect Personality in the Buddhist Philosophy
About Knowledge | Source: Printerest

• Wisdom of trinity

• Six unequal knowledge

• Ten force knowledge

• Eight science knowledge

• Chathuvisarappa wisdom

• The Seventy seven Wisdoms

Preaching Style

Lord Buddha preached the Dharma to a group of four. As the personality is perfected according to the preaching style, it can be seen from the following preaching styles that no one else has an equal preaching style.

Anupubibe Sermons

Order speech is having three parts and those are the beginning, middle and end. All parts of the speech are good and perfect.

Congratulatory sermons

It is possible to understand the dharma through this sermon.

Sankita Sermons

He preaches a matter of Dharma (appropriately) to those who have sevelop wisdom throughout the parameters of the world and preaches so that they can gain understanding.

Wittara Sermons

Descriptive preaching is done here. It is a method of preaching to those who cannot understand, by analyzing the facts and preaching at length.

By preaching like this, Lord Buddha has the ability to improve all three situations. Accordingly, it can be understood that the perfect personality is Buddha’s personality according to the style of appearance, style of speech, style of wisdom and style of preaching.

Buddhist Holistic Personality Analysis according to Modern Psychological Personality

For this, the modern definitions of personality are considered and the analysis of how the perfect personality of Buddhism fits with this is done here.

Analyzing the Personality

Here, according to the previous guidance of cognatic, past memories and the hidden desires of the mind are discussed. As far as the character of the Buddha is concerned, it is known that he works diligently and carefully, that the memory of the past can extend to infinity, and that the defilements have been overcome. Accordingly, according to the previous analysis, the Buddha has a perfect personality.

Definition of Personality, and Perfect Personality in the Buddhist Philosophy
Concentration and Visualizing | Source: Mindworks

And here in the later analysis, it knows the principles of reality and acting ethically, speaks under this section. The Buddha have understood the absolute reality with great subtlety and acted and preached with perfect zeal under that dharma. Therefore, it is proved that this personality has reached the perfect personality in analysis.

Personality Development

Here it talks about how the early year’s development of the person from the birth affects the personality. Here, pleasure pain is considered as the main factor. Lord Buddha ended all his sufferings and attained Nirvana. So the Buddha has the perfect personality beyond attaining happiness. Therefore, Buddha holds the top position in personality development.

Definition of Personality, and Perfect Personality in the Buddhist Philosophy
Attain Nirvana | Source: Audiomack

Behavioral Learning Theory

Here, the learning that arises from the experiences of the individual is taken as the basis of the individual’s personality. The Buddha has received all these experiences due to the paramita of infinite worlds. The perfection of this behaviorist learning theory is attributed to the title of the Load Buddha when considering the Buddha’s infinite knowledge.

Humanist Approach

Here it is taught that personality develops by consciously and rationally shaping one’s own path. Due to the Buddha’s efforts and he gained omniscience. Therefore, the Buddha can be taken as perfect according to the humanistic approach.

Biological Proximity

Definition of Personality, and Perfect Personality in the Buddhist Philosophy
Initiation to be Gauthama Load Buddha | Source: SADHAHAM GANGULA – DHAMMA STREAM

The influence of genetic factors is taken into account here. It can be said that the genetic characteristics lead to the perfect personality through the fulfillment of parameters. The best example of this is that there is no such person in the three worlds.

Recommendation and Summary

Perfect Personality
Perfect Personality | Source: Zee News

Considering the Buddhist personality during the Buddha’s time, it was seen above that the Load Buddha can be taken as the perfect personality. Moreover, considering the teachings of personality in modern psychology, we see that the Load Buddha reflects the perfect personality. Accordingly, it seems that it is appropriate to work according to Buddhist teachings to develop the personality, progress in this world, progress in the hereafter and get nirvana.

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