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Easy Time Management Techniques with Buddhas Perspective

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This Article is consisting with the Buddhist teaching and Application to Society by Buddhist Perspectives. The Buddhist teachings are explained with its effectiveness & efficiency.

Finally, recommendations to Society on time management were mentioned by analyzing Biography of the Load Buddha; the Buddhist teaching and application on Time Management (By the Buddhist Perspectives on Time Management 01, 02 and 03).

The Buddhist Teaching and Application on Time Management

Having Meals

It has identified in Bhaddali sutta and Keetagiri Sutta of Majjama Nikaya that the Load Buddha “allocated once time of first part of the day for having meals (Dana)”.

Easy Time Management Techniques with Buddhas Perspective
Time Management Techniques

It was facilitated that Relaxation the body, Reduce the suffering of the Body as well as Increased the energy in better standard. It is very important to attained mediation to realize the dhamma.


According to Latukikopama Sutt in Majjima Nikaya, It was established a rule that not to attend to Pindapatha in Night Hours and it was mentioned day time as suitable time period.

Easy Time Management Techniques with Buddhas Perspective

In the night time there were more difficulties to be faced and more harmful situation to Bhikku and it was unsuitable time for Pindapatha (Begging Meals). The Load Buddha gave valuable and best time period to Pindapata as Day Times.

 And the time could be saving to attain to Meditation and other activities. It can be seen that The Load Buddha advised and allocated time to disciples to manage the events according to time.


According to Bhaddekaratna Sutta that Concentrate of Five aggregates in Present.

Easy Time Management Techniques with Buddhas Perspective

It was taught the grate method to increase effectiveness if event considering allocated time. It is waste time with concentration in Past and Future time period.

The best time period is the present to gain lots of results s The Load Buddha said like that. It can be seen that the Load Buddha had taught best time management in Buddhism.

Dasa Dasaka – (Ten Decades of Life)

According to Visuddhimagga it was mentioned ten decades of life.

Easy Time Management Techniques with Buddhas Perspective

It was given brief knowledge of ten decades and characteristics of each time period. It is more important to mange events and planning it according to time factor. It can be identified that Buddhist teaching is considered time management effectively.

Time Management in Sleeping Hours

According to Aparihanaidhamma sutta in Anguttara Nikaya, there are methods to be succeeded in feeling sleeping time. Those were Day time – Walking meditation; First part of Night applying working mediation; Sleeping with awaking signal as Great Sleeping Position at middle part of night and in Last part of the night attaining to walking meditation.

Easy Time Management Techniques with Buddhas Perspective

It was given most effective time management techniques by The Load Buddha in here. Most of the humans are suffering in sleeping too much and it is more barriers to successes. It is wasting too much of time. As that teaching, it can be identified the success method of Buddhist time management methods.

Abhidhamma Preaching

According to Abhidhamma Margaya Book of Prof. Most Ven. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero, Abhidhamma preaching were conducted whole over three (3) Months of time period in Tawatisa (Haven).

Abhidhamma Pitaka is the largest pitaka in Three Pitaka. It was mentioned that dhamma that preached in Haven Tavatisa is more described and essence of that was given to Sariputta Tera by The Load Buddha in day time in each days.

Easy Time Management Techniques with Buddhas Perspective

According to Longest of Abhidhamma, It was difficult to here by Layman. According to calculation of time factor and comparison of time with human world and heaven, it was most suitable to preaching in heaven world and essence is more effective to layman. As teaching of Abhidhamma was given load Buddha according to time management application with effectiveness.

Achinteyya  Dhamma- (Norms that can’t be completed by thinking)

It was mentioned in Achinteyya Sutta of Anguttara Nikaya that not to deeply seeking things. Those were Acinteyya Dhamma and it was consist with four things. Deeply thinking on that may be caused to be foolish.

Easy Time Management Techniques with Buddhas Perspective

The Load Buddha taught that to stop the wasting time. If a person wasting time in that disciplines it might be wasting time as well as harm to life. As we can understand that teaching was as time managing for other fruitful things.

Bahiya Daruciriya

It was mention in Buddhism that given most effective technique to Bahiya daruciriya. It was given advised to him that if it is see, it is only seen; if it is hearing, it is only heard; …etc. by The Load Buddha.

Easy Time Management Techniques with Buddhas Perspective

In here, it can be identified that load Buddha shown and attain to path within shortest time period. He was not much of the time to live and within the time limitation The Load Buddha managed that situation.

Application of Buddhist Perspectives on Time Management to Society

The Load Buddha’s theories and applications are the best according to Buddhist aim and teaching as well as laymen. Considering above Examples, It can be applied those lesson learned to modern Society. Some of them are follows;

  • It is better to planning with time and other factors for effective time management.
  • Free Time can be used to fruitful things and it may be path to success.
  • Suitable time period should be used for most suitable event.
  • It is not suitable to waste time for unnecessary things.
  • If realized that, it was not effective way to do, just terminate it and attain to correct path.
  • It should be selected suitable human resource to work to apply proper time management.
  • There should be effective daily routine plan according to time to be successes.
  • It is better to applying time management to having meals and it will help to healthy life
  • Best result can be gained with concentrating in present time
  • It should be most effective time management method for each event.
  • It should be applied most effective time management methods to be enlightened and that is the way to be terminate Samsaric (Transmigration) lifetime.


Easy Time Management Techniques with Buddhas Perspective

No one can tell about that when is time start or end and difficult to tell about beginning and end of the Transmigration life. Intellectuals of modern world are applying time management concepts in various disciplines.

Before 2500 years the load Buddha has applied advance concepts on time and managing events according to time factor effective and efficiently. Those were more advance and it can be applied to our life to be success.

It is more important that, referring the biography of the Load Buddha and teaching and applications of time management. It will be more valuable for Mundane life as well as super Mundane life.

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